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My earliest tutors were Marvel comic books and Saturday morning cartoons on the television of my parents living room in the Bronx NY. I studied form through the movements of Spiderman and Fred Flintstone. As a teenager, I discovered spray paint and found my passion in the way color can transform a brick wall. Because I have such a storied and extensive history within the progression of Graffiti as a style, my art has emerged to showcase the ways in which Graffiti can transcend from lettering to the human figure.

My aim with each piece of art is to tell a story. Sometimes, these stories are overt and easily noticed. Others, I leave parts of my canvases unpainted, adding to the depth and dimension of what I’m saying. Within my work, large flat planes of color coexist, two and three-dimensional surfaces help blur the distinction between the shapes and lines I create. I stretch and splatter paint, allowing the natural dripping of color to split my canvases into something moveable, innovative, and unique. It is in this way that the lines of my figurative work are infused with the classic skewed shapes and raw texture of the Graffiti style.

Just as in life, roots beget progress. Though I have not had formal training within an artistic discipline, I spent my formative years pioneering and experimenting with the art of Graffiti. Overall, I’ve been able to develop and branch out using different techniques that extend the reaches of traditional art. While at times these visions are sometimes distorted, they are at other times pristinely clear. It is always a journey I share.